Best dentures in Devon – Palette Advanced Denture System

Best dentures in Devon

09 Jul Best dentures in Devon – Palette Advanced Denture System

For the best dentures in Devon that provide the closest you can get to the function, appearance and performance of natural teeth, check out our patented Palette Advanced Denture System.

Palette is our state-of-the-art denture and is only available at our dental and denture surgery in Exmouth. It combines the best in technology, methodology and materials to provide our patients with the most superior, comfortable and attractive denture they can buy.

Rob, our practice owner and clinical dental technician, is the man responsible for Palette. Having seen the pain and misery caused by ugly or ill-fitting dentures he chose to create something different – a denture that is as close to natural teeth as possible.

The Palette dentures are made from the finest materials to deliver ultimate performance and appearance. Each tooth is handcrafted in our onsite laboratory and individually selected to be placed precisely in the most natural position.

For the perfect fit and function, we take several measurements of the jaw position, and this informs how we build the denture. For a secure fit, dental implants can fix the denture in place.

We believe the Palette system offers the best dentures in Devon. But, don’t just take out word for it. Here’s some recent feedback from a Palette denture patient:

“I came to Select Dental in October last year as I had problems getting dentures to fit correctly and I found chewing difficult. Robert showed me the Palette Denture System, and I was impressed at how incredibly natural the teeth looked. After several visits and lots of measurements, I had the dentures fitted. It took a couple of weeks for them to settle but I am now eating foods I haven’t tackled for years. They look great, no one knows they are false and my confidence has boosted. I am delighted.”

If you’d like to find out more about our Palette denture system and see if they’ll be right for you, please give us a call on 01395 225600 to arrange a free consultation.