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Full Dentures

 Premium Resin Acrylic

  • Made with four layered Natura teeth in a high-impact resin acrylic base.
  • Offers an excellent choice for the patient seeking a denture designed to function perfectly under all conditions.
  • Constructed using a facial articulator which is able to simulate most jaw movements.
  • Incorporates a certain amount of facial building, to restore sunken contours of the face which is caused by tooth loss and ageing.

Unique Palette

  • Developed and patented by Select Dental owner Robert Gosling Palette offers a unique fitting structure.
  • Each tooth is handcrafted and carefully selected before being placed to give the most natural look in the most natural position.
  • The finest materials are used and this denture represents the closest match to the function, performance and appearance
    of natural teeth.
  • Palette represents the closest we can get to the function, performance and appearance of natural teeth.
  • Only available at Select Dental.

What Robert Gosling says:

My ‘Palette’ system utilises the finest materials available worldwide in one complete programme. Each tooth is handcrafted and individually selected to be placed precisely in the most natural position.

A fully adjustable articulator (a measuring device that can allow for the effect of movement – totally painless!) is used to determine the spectrum of the jaw positions and ensure that the new denture will function perfectly under all conditions. This precision of tooth selection and critical measurement has the added potential of helping to restore any loss of facial contours which may have been adversely affected by the simple process of aging or by dentures which, by today’s standards, may have become dated.

The Palette system costs more than any ordinary denture, the price of perfection in materials and dedication to the technical precision made possible by 21st Century know-how.
I’ll be happy to introduce you to the Palette without obligation, to explain the factors that make it so different from any other system available anywhere closer than Harley Street.

I chose the name ‘Palette’ because our system builds art into our science.

Robert Gosling, Select Dental in Exmouth
Business Owner & Clinical Dental Technician ClinDentTech Royal College of Surgeons (Eng) GDC 109468

Partial Dentures

High Precision Cast Alloy

  • ‘Gold Standard’ in partial dentures
  • High Precision cast metal denture
  • Instead of acrylic the base is cast in light alloy
  • Much smaller than normal dentures
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Do not need to cover the palate – in most cases
  • Allows taste and natural chewing sensation to the gums
  • Not suitable for all so must be assessed during consultation
  • Can be incorporated with precision attachment crowns so they have no visible metal clasps

Premier Resin Acrylic

  • Cost effective to replace missing teeth gaps in the mouth
  • Base made from Acrylic resin
  • Strong and durable
  • Not as thin and lightweight as cast alloy partial dentures
  • Ideal as temporary denture following extraction of natural teeth

Implant Retained

Dental Implants are fast becoming the ‘normal’ for denture wearers due to patients wanting to eat and socialise as they did when they had their natural teeth.

  • Made to fit on dental implants that have been placed carefully in the mouth
  • Designed to clip onto the implants
  • Virtually no movement when eating and talking
  • Able to be removed for easy access to implants for oral hygiene care

Additional Services

Soft Lining

Sometimes it is necessary to use a soft lining under the lower dentures this is due to shrinkage of the lower jaw as we age.

Soft Lining makes the denture more comfortable as you eat and reduces the forces being transmitted to the lower jaw.

Strengthening Wire

This is a row of special wire which we put into the acrylic of a denture to make it stronger.

Claspless Denture

In modern dentistry, it is now possible to have crowns fitted to the natural teeth which have tiny attachments on them that the denture clips onto. With this technique you cannot tell a denture is being worn.

Clips for Dentures

Most partial dentures require some form of anchorage for the optimum fit.

There are different types of denture clips:

Steel clips
Cheap to produce but can damage the enamel on the tooth.

Cast Alloy Clips
Generally don’t damage the tooth but are expensive and can be unsightly, especially towards the front of the mouth.

Tooth Coloured Clips
These have excellent cosmetic properties and do not wear the natural tooth, however they are more liable to breaking.

Gold Clips
Do not damage the tooth and look better than steel or cast alloy clips. From a clinical point of view these are the best available.

Denture Repair & in house laboratory

We are unique at Select Dental because we have our own on site dental laboratory. This means we can modify, repair and construct new dentures quickly where necessary. This a great benefit to our patients as we can quickly produce temporary teeth if their natural teeth are lost following emergency extraction within hours whilst the normal wait for practices who don’t have their own on site laboratory is over a week.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need to have a new denture but hate having impressions taken as they make me feel sick

Good news! We now have a scanner which means we no longer need to take impressions using traditional methods.

No more traditional dental impressions making dental treatments much more comfortable
Visually see your new smile before treatment starts so you can be sure it’s to your wishes.

What are implant retained dentures?

Implant retained dentures (sometimes known as snap on dentures) do just what it says; meaning they are held in place using your gums to hold mini implants and sometimes your remaining teeth to create a stable set of teeth.

What are the benefits to implant retained dentures?

  • Gives you complete Confidence with your smile
  • Gives you the ability to chew food without lower denture movement
  • Minimises gum shrinkage within the mouth enabling you to wear dentures longer
  • Leaves you safe in the knowledge that no one needs to know you wear dentures

We carry out all of the appointments within our Dental Centre in Exmouth and most importantly it won’t hurt!

How can I help sore gums or ulcers?

There are many things you can do to help sore gums and reduce pain from ulcers.  Rubbing Bonjella, igloo or using salt mouth wash can all help.  If in doubt call us to discuss.

Does it hurt to have dental implants?

Not at all, the procedure takes around an hour or so where a local anaesthesia is placed, you generally will have a little bruising and swelling for a few days but paracetamol keeps it under control.

Do you have to be old to have dentures?

No, dentures are worn by a huge percentage of the population, international sportsmen and women who’s sport is physical often loose teeth at a young age and need to start wearing dentures to keep their smile and confidence.

Will other people notice that I have dentures?

If made correctly no one need know you wear dentures except you and the clinician that made them, modern material are amazing and look like natural teeth.

I have worn dentures for a long time and I have noticed that my face seems to have sunken. Can this be fixed?

As the gums shrink away it’s very common to notice that the face has sunk, this can be corrected in most cases with new dentures as sunken features can be rebuilt

I find wearing acrylic dentures balky, is there an alternative?

Yes, there are many good alternatives on the market from thinner high impact acrylics, to metal casts or flexible denture bases which are all much thinner than standard denture acrylics.  We can help you with this.  Book a free consultation with Rob Gosling to discuss your options.

Why does it get harder to wear dentures as we get older?

Sadly as we start to get older our gums and underlying gum structures start to shrink away leaving much less for dentures to adhere too. The more natural teeth we can Kaplan as well as having denture implants placed minimises the gum loss, hence why we like if it’s possible to keep some natural teeth.

Why is my lower denture always loose?

There are several factors to this, the first is that the lower gum and bone shrinks away at a much quicker rate than the upper jaw, this generally means there is only a flat surface for the base of the lower denture to sit.

The other reasons are all down to the younger and muscles that sit on the floor and the cheeks of the mouth. The tongue can push the lower denture around the mouth when eating or talking as well as the muscles of the mouth can also lift the denture as well.

Why does the pink part look false?

The pink part of a denture can look very false when we smile, the best way to overcome this is to design the denture so that no gum shows, however this is not always possible.

Modern materials allow us to colour the gum into what looks much more natural. This is a very time consuming process so it is generally quite expensive but looks great.

Why do they not look like my natural teeth used to?

When dentures are designed it’s really important to tell your clinician how you would like your new smile to be, sometimes old photos can be really useful to get an idea of how your smile was. Discuss what you do and don’t like with your existing smile.

I have had my dentures for three years and now they are loose. What can I do?

It’s really common to find after a few years your dentures become loose. This is due to the mouth shrinking and changing, if the change is very little and you have looked after your dentures then new impressions can be taken ant the dentures refitted to the new shape of your mouth

I have dentures and some natural teeth. One of my teeth has fallen out can this be added to my denture?

Yes. As long as the dentures fit well and are in good condition then generally teeth can be added.

I have no natural teeth however I have been advised to go for a checkup

This is very very important, people generally can’t understand why they should still see a denture expert or a dentist for a yearly check up, this check is for oral cancer that if spotted early can be treated well, oral cancer is generally painless until it is further advanced and at that point treatment is very aggressive for the patient.

Why has any denture broken?

Dentures can break for a variety of reasons, if dropped on a hard surface (Ie a sink) this can cause teeth to chip or the denture to break in half!

This type of repair is generally successful, if the denture has broken during eating it would suggest that there is a fault with the fit and needs further work doing to it.

Some patients have an incredibly strong bite and if this is the case it’s better to have a metal cast denture which are more expensive but much stronger.

Select Dental offer a denture repair service with repairs being carried our in a minimum time of 2 hours.

What should I avoid if I have dentures?

When we start wearing dentures we lose around 40% of the strength of our biting force so things like toffees can cause problems for people.

Having dental implants placed does help this issue but nothing beats our own teeth.

Is having dentures going to ruin my life?

We don’t think it ruins people’s lives however; getting used to dentures generally takes time, you have to learn how to eat and even speak again due to this bulk of newness in the mouth.

In most cases patients feel more confident about themselves due to having a much nicer smile and no bad breath or pain from rotten teeth.

We generally find the worst time is when a patient wears dentures for the first time or has left it a long long time before replacing their existing denture so due to this there is a lot more change for them to get used to.

Regular check ups means you will be advised as to when you should change your denture.

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