Importance of dental check-ups

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08 Dec Importance of dental check-ups

Recent research by Mintel found that almost one-fifth of the population doesn’t routinely visit their dentist for regular dental check-ups. Nearly one in five (18%) Brits only visit their dentist when they think they have a problem with their teeth.

Even more alarming, 10% of the research respondents admitted to not seeking professional advice and treating dental pain at home!

We know that for many people visiting the dentist can be a scary experience but a good dentist will take time to put you at ease and make your visit as comfortable as possible.

You should pay as much attention to your oral health as you do your overall body health.

Why is a dental check-up important?

Here are reasons why you should see your dentist regularly:

1. Teeth health

You only get one set of adult teeth, so you need to take care of them!

Your dentist will check the health of our teeth and look for signs of early tooth decay.  Filling small holes in your teeth before they form cavities will prevent pain or other issues such as infection.

2. Tartar removal

Despite regular brushing and flossing, it’s easy to miss small areas in the mouth where plaque can develop. When plaque builds up, it turns into tartar which can be extremely difficult to remove. Your dentist can remove the tartar to prevent it from eroding teeth and causing gum disease.

3. Jaw and bone health

Your regular dental check-up routine will include x-rays of your teeth and jaw. X-rays will show up any potential problems such as impacted teeth or bone decay that are not visible to the naked eye. Early detection allows treatment of issues before they become significant.

4. Oral cancer detection

During a dental check-up, your dentist will look for early signs of oral cancer. This disease is challenging to spot yourself, and the symptoms often don’t appear until the cancer is quite advanced. Early detection will increase the chances of successful treatment.

5. Head, neck, and lymph node checks

As well as checking your mouth, gums, and tongue for signs or oral cancer, your dentist will also check your neck, jaw, and lymph nodes for any swelling, lumps, or other abnormalities. If your dentist finds anything of concern, they will refer you to an appropriate medical professional for further investigation.

If it’s been a while since you last had a routine dental check-up, please give us a call on 01395 225600 to arrange an appointment. If you’re nervous about visiting us, please let us know when you call and we’ll make sure that we give extra time to you.