Loose dentures: reasons and solutions

26 Jan Loose dentures: reasons and solutions

Anyone who is a denture wearer will know that loose dentures are not pleasant.

What causes loose dentures?

While poor initial fitting is a common cause for loose dentures, even the best-fitting dentures can become loose over time.

The reason for this is because the underlying bone and gum tissue gradually shrink when a person loses their natural teeth. This causes the jaws to align differently, the mouth to change shape, and dentures to become loose.

Occasionally lower dentures loosen as they become dislodged by the tongue muscles when eating and speaking.

Why are loose dentures a problem?

Wearing loose dentures is not a pleasant experience! Loose dentures often cause discomfort or and may create sores in the mouth. They can also make it difficult to speak or eat.

How to fix loose dentures?

Denture adhesive is not the solution for loose dentures! Dentures should fit comfortably without requiring something to stick them in place.

The usual fix for loose dentures is either temporary or permanent relining. Temporary relining involves material being added under the denture to fill in the space between the denture and the tissue. This fix will last a few weeks, and can usually be carried out during a dental appointment. Permanent relining involves the same process but uses a denture plastic which is stronger and longer-lasting and needs to be done in a dental lab.

If loose dentures persist or there is extensive bone and gum tissue loss, the best solution is implant retained dentures. This is a permanent fix to loose dentures and a more superior solution than relining.

Implants are inserted in the jaw bone and these are used to support the denture ensuring it stays in place. Implant retained dentures give a more natural look and feel than normal dentures.

We recommend that all denture wearers visit their clinical dental technician or dentist regularly to check the fit of their dentures and enable adjustments as necessary.

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