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Palette Advanced Denture System

Unique to Select Dental

Latest in our range, and the best yet…
The Select Denture Centre PALETTE SYSTEM

Tomorrow’s denture… today. A new service that we are confident represents state of the art denture provision combining all that’s best in technology, methodology and materials with the sole aim of providing simply the best, the most comfortable and attractive denture you can buy.

PALETTE represents the closest we can get to the function, performance and appearance of natural teeth. Palette was devised by Robert Gosling, RDT, LBDIST, HNC. Certed, MCDP (Canada) CDT, DD., for the exclusive use of the Select Denture Centre Ltd,  Exmouth (95 Exeter Road, tel. 01395 225600)

His personal promise…

“My new system utilises the finest materials available worldwide in one complete programme. Each tooth is handcrafted and individually selected to be placed precisely in the most natural position.

A fully adjustable articulator (a measuring device that can allow for the effect of movement – totally painless!) is used to determine the spectrum of the jaw positions and ensure that the new denture will function perfectly under all conditions. This precision of tooth selection and critical measurement has the added potential of helping to restore any loss of facial contours which may have been adversely affected by the simple process of aging or by the progressive loss of natural teeth and their replacement by dentures which, by today’s standards, may have become dated.

The Palette system costs more than any ordinary denture, the price of perfection in materials and dedication to the technical precision made possible by 21st Century know-how.

I’ll be happy to introduce you to Palette without obligation, to explain the factors that make it so different from any other system and unavailable anywhere closer than Harley Street.

We chose the name ‘Palette’ because our new system builds art into our science.”

Robert Gosling, Select Dental in Exmouth
RDT, LBDIST, HNC. Certed, MCDP (Canada) CDT, DD.

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