Teeth-friendly pancake toppings

Teeth-friendly pancake toppings

12 Feb Teeth-friendly pancake toppings

It’s Shrove Tuesday tomorrow so many people; we included, will be getting out the frying pan and marking the occasion with pancakes. While pancakes themselves aren’t high in sugar, the toppings we choose to go on them usually are, especially if you prefer sweet to savoury, which is not good news for your oral health!

Sugar feeds harmful oral bacteria in the mouth which create acids that destroy tooth enamel.

As guardians of teeth health, we thought we’d suggest some more teeth-friendly pancake toppings to enjoy this pancake day for the sweet-toothed among you.

But first, here are the most popular teeth decaying pancake toppings and why you should avoid them if you can:

  • Lemon and sugar – this traditional sweet and sour combination is a double whammy of destruction to your teeth enamel. As well as the harmful effect of the sugar the acidity of the lemon juice softens and weakens tooth enamel.
  • Syrup/honey – golden syrup is pure sugar with honey 82% sugar. These toppings are both so sticky that they sit on your teeth long after eating.
  • Nutella – more than half a jar of Nutella (56%) is sugar.

Teeth-friendly pancake toppings

Here are our suggestions of less sugary replacements for your favourite sweet toppings:

  • Replace lemon and honey with fresh fruit and cinnamon – still sweet tasting but much more tooth friendly.
  • Swap Nutella for raw cacao or chocolate spreads containing less sugar.
  • Try a natural protein-packed peanut butter instead of syrup or honey.
  • If you like ice cream on your pancake, opt for natural Greek yoghurt instead and halve your sugar consumption.
  • Try a savoury topping instead, not only will this be more tooth kind but also doubles as dinner!
  • If you really can’t swap your sugar pancake toppings for something less sweet, make sure you drink plenty of water while eating your pancakes to dilute and wash away the sugar. Also, brush your teeth one hour after eating.

From all of us at Select Dental, we wish you a happy and sugar-free Shrove Tuesday!

Image credit: Michael Stern. Shared under Creative Commons license.