Teeth whitening at Select Dental

Teeth whitening

22 Jun Teeth whitening at Select Dental

We always see an increase in enquiries for tooth whitening in the summer. Dazzling white smiles to sparkle in the summer sunshine seem to be flavour of the month!

If you’re thinking about having your teeth whitened, read on to find out how we do teeth whitening at Select Dental.

Teeth whitening at Select Dental


First appointment


  • We’ll examine your teeth and mouth to check that you’re suitable for teeth whitening. If you have gum disease or other dental problems we may not be able to whiten your teeth but don’t worry we’ll advise you on what’s best.
  • We’ll take an impression of your teeth to make a bespoke mouth-guard. Taking the impression is a painless procedure.


Follow-up appointment


  • Once your mouth guard is ready, we’ll invite you back to the surgery.
  • We’ll check the mouth-guard fits correctly, show you how to use your tooth whitening kit, and advise you on how long to carry out the treatment.


Home treatment


  • Using the mouth-guard, you will need to apply the whitener to your teeth daily, for several days.
  • There’s no need to take any special precautions or avoid any particular foods while whitening your teeth.
  • You may find your teeth are a little sensitive, so we’ll provide you with some toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

You won’t have to come back to see us after your whitening treatment is complete unless you have any worries or concerns. We’ll provide you with enough whitener for more than one treatment so if after a few months you want to repeat the procedure, you can.

If you’d like pearly white teeth this summer, please give us a call on 01395 225600. If it turns out that your teeth aren’t suitable for whitening, we won’t charge for the initial appointment.

Image credit: Pixabay