When to replace dentures?

Replacement dentures

29 Jun When to replace dentures?

Well-made dentures are normally very durable and with proper care should last several years. Signs that your dentures need replacing include:

Loose Dentures

When you’ve lost your teeth the underlying bone gradually shrinks. This causes jaws to align differently and dentures to become loose. When this occurs your dentures may need adjusting or completely replacing.

Uncomfortable Dentures

Uncomfortable dentures are most likely due to poor fit, either due to the reason mentioned above or because they were incorrectly fitted in the first place. Whatever the reason you shouldn’t have to put up with pain caused by your dentures. Uncomfortable dentures are not the norm.

Damaged Dentures

Cracked or broken dentures, even missing teeth, can often be repaired. However severe damage may be beyond repair and require new dentures.

Worn Dentures

Like our natural teeth dentures become worn out over time. Through natural wear over the years, dentures may become loose or warped and require replacing.

Unsightly Dentures

Over time dentures start to lose their natural appearance – the colouration fades and the texture changes.  If your dentures are starting to look embarassingly artificial it may be time to replace them with a new set.

Problems With Chewing, Speaking

Difficulty with chewing certain foods or speaking is often a sign of ill-fitting dentures. Your dentures may just need adjusting but could require replacing altogether.

We recommend you have a denture check up once a year. During your check up your denture technician will check the condition of your dentures. He/she will also screen for signs of oral cancer and check the overall health of your mouth.  Any areas of concern can then be addressed before they become a problem.

If you think your dentures need replacing or you would like to book an annual denture check up please call us on 01395 225600.