Denture Repairs

If your dentures break we know you’ll want to get them fixed as soon as possible. We offer a same day denture repair service, available Monday to Friday. With our onsite denture laboratory and two full-time dental technicians we can often complete denture repairs whilst you wait.

We are also available outside of our normal clinic opening times for emergency denture repairs.

Whether it’s a cracked denture plate or a missing or broken tooth we can help.

CALL 01395 225 600

Our denture repair services include:

  • Broken/cracked dentures repaired
  • Missing teeth replaced
  • Extra teeth added
  • Stain removal
  • Denture strengthening

Please do not use super glue or a home denture repair kit to fix your dentures. This might give you a short-term fix but when they break again, which they will, it will make them harder to fix. Home repaired dentures will probably also cause you discomfort and invariably you will end up having to replace your dentures.

We can repair your dentures correctly and safely.

Whilst you’re here for your repair we’ll also check the fit and suitability of your dentures. In our experience the most common cause of denture breakages is poor fit. This may be down to wear and tear, gum recession, bone loss or poorly made dentures.

Hours & Dental Emergencies

Monday – Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm

Weekend – please call 01395 225 600

Emergencies (Dental or Denture) please call 01395 225 600